• Bletchley 8000

    Bletchley 8000
    8,000 women worked at Bletchley Park which was the central codebreaker (cryptoanalyst) unit in Britain during the Second World War. We are celebrating their contribution with this delicious and punchy twist on a classic cocktail.  PS. On March 8th is Women's Day! (although really, every day is women's day)
  • Brighton Gin's Red Snapper

    Brighton Gin's Red Snapper
    Our twist on the classic and well-loved Bloody Mary - using our punchy Seaside Strength and leaving out sugar syrup as the sweetness comes from fresh orange juice and good quality tomato juice. 
  • The Original Sussex 75

    The Original Sussex 75
    The French 75 is a classic cocktail dating back to just after WWI. It originally uses lemon juice and powdered sugar which we have exchanged for lime juice and sugar syrup. There are tons of amazing food & drink producers based in Sussex so this cocktail adaptation is a homage to all those.  Also, did you know that limes are a by-product in...
  • Vegan Brighton Gin Sour

    Vegan Brighton Gin Sour
    Our vegan twist on a true classic - aquafaba-tastic!This is a fairly strong but light and fluffy cocktail - great as an aperitif!
  • Brighton Mulled Gin

    Brighton Mulled Gin
    The perfect winter warmer with all the good stuff chucked in! Our mulled gin is one of our favourite winter gin cocktails and is perfect for hosting on a Winter evening.  
  • Pear Hot Toddy

    Pear Hot Toddy
    A pear-fectly delicious warm winter cocktail, infusing our navy strength gin with pear and homemade cinnamon syrup for warm, cosy evenings in.
  • Brighton Gin Vegan Chocolate Orange Liqueur

    Brighton Gin Vegan Chocolate Orange Liqueur
    November is World Vegan Month! Brighton Gin is the first vegan registered craft gin - and that includes our wax top as well as the glue for the label! To celebrate, we have teamed up with the delightful Montezuma team who make outstanding chocolate just down the road in Chichester. We have created a vegan chocolate feast for you combining Montezuma's Like No...
  • SPOOKY: Lychee Eyeball Martini

    SPOOKY: Lychee Eyeball Martini
    IT IS ALL HALLOW'S EVE! Get creative with our deliciously balanced spooky take on a martini! Googly eyes and everything!
  • EASY AUTUMN: The Seasider

    EASY AUTUMN: The Seasider
    Perfect for autumnal days in, this is an easy-going, bitter-sweet, punch-style drink for lazy Sunday (or any day, nowadays) afternoons. Ingredients 25ml Brighton Gin Seaside Strength 50ml Triple Sec (Cointreau for choice) 50ml Aperol 50ml fresh lemon juice 25ml fresh orange juice 25ml pineapple juice 125ml lemonade Dash of (Angostura) Bitters How to Make Stir well and serve over ice in a tall glass...
  • Brighton Ginble

    Brighton Ginble
    This gin based cocktail is our twist on the modern-classic, the Bramble, that traditionally pairs flavours of blackberries and lemon. However, we're using our waste limes and oranges for this delightful cocktail.  It’s easy-peasy to make and perfect to serve up at home!
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