• Spring is Springing: Raspberry Clover Club

    Spring is Springing: Raspberry Clover Club
    Fancy a refreshing and fruity summer cocktail? Have you tried a Clover Club?  Raspberry season is coming - and in true BG fashion, we've adapted yet another classic cocktail to make it accessible and easy to replicate at home.
  • Brighton Valentine's/Palentine's Fizz

    Brighton Valentine's/Palentine's Fizz
    A riff on a classic recipe - like a gin fizz, but gorgeously pink and with a whisp of smoke!
  • Cherry Negroni

    Cherry Negroni
    As iconic as a G&T, Negronis are a Brighton Gin HQ favourite and indeed a hugely popular way to drink gin the world over. Traditionally made with just three ingredients, gin, vermouth and bitters, then stirred over ice until the melted ice makes for ten percent of the volume. This recipe is a subtle twist on the classic which is boozy but well...
  • Brighton Mulled Gin

    Brighton Mulled Gin
    The perfect winter warmer with all the good stuff chucked in! Our mulled gin is one of our favourite winter gin cocktails and is perfect for hosting on a Winter evening.  
  • Apple Strudel Sour

    Apple Strudel Sour
    A deliciously festive winter cocktail with hints of Christmas spices and a sour twist.
  • Silver Bronx

    Silver Bronx
    As the nights begin to draw in, cosy up with a delicious, Autumn-coloured Brighton Gin original cocktail - the Silver Bronx.
  • Halloween Cocktail: Frighton Gin!

    Halloween Cocktail: Frighton Gin!
    A terrifyingly delicious Halloween cocktail celebrating our Seaside Strength navy gin to send chills down your glass and putting a shiver in your timbers...
  • NEW SERIES: Founder's Favourites - Part 1: The Last Word

    NEW SERIES: Founder's Favourites - Part 1: The Last Word
    We think it's time for some more cocktail inspiration leading up to the festive season (and that includes Hallowe'en of course 😉)! Introducing the Founder's Favourites Series where we will post one of our founder Kathy's most beloved cocktails each week. Kicking us off is the Last Word, quite a boozy and tangy but well-balanced drink steeped in history - more on the topic...
  • Super summery and refreshing: the Basil Smash

    Super summery and refreshing: the Basil Smash
    Let me introduce you to our current favourites: BG style takes on the classic 'Basil Smash': a herbaceously fragrant cocktail and - frankly - a delicious way to enjoy Brighton Gin!  It comes either as a punchy, short, intense version but we have also adapted it to a garden-party-friendly fizzy long style for those hot afternoons where you just fancy a refreshing, long drink! Ingredients...
  • World Martini Day - a round up

    World Martini Day - a round up
    World Martini Day is upon us, 3rd Saturday in June. Certainly one of our favourites as it is one of THE classic cocktails that lets our gin shine. Martinis are a fab thing, they can be incredibly traditional (dry!) or collaborate with other spirits (a Vesper!) but luckily lots of people over the years have also come up with superb varieties. Below we'll...
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