• Super summery and refreshing: the Gin Basil Smash

    Super summery and refreshing: the Gin Basil Smash
    Let us introduce you to our current gin cocktail favourites: a BG style take on the classic 'Basil Smash': a herbaceously fragrant cocktail and - frankly - a delicious way to enjoy Brighton Gin!  It comes either as a punchy, short, intense version but we have also adapted it to a garden-party-friendly fizzy long style for those hot afternoons where you just fancy a refreshing,...
  • Brighton Negroni Sour

    Brighton Negroni Sour
    If (like yours truly) you're not sure about the super bitter classic Negroni, perhaps try this lighter, more elegant (and fluffier, really) version! Also, it looks very pretty!   Ingredients 25ml Brighton Gin Pavilion Strength (you can also use the Seaside here) 25ml Campari/amaro 25ml vermouth (we love the semi dry Albourne 40) 20ml fresh lime juice 20ml aquafaba   How to Make Add...
  • Vegan Brighton Gin Sour

    Vegan Brighton Gin Sour
    Our vegan twist on a true classic - aquafaba-tastic!This is a fairly strong but light and fluffy cocktail - great as an aperitif!
  • The Original Cocktail - the Gimlet

    The Original Cocktail - the Gimlet
    Watch how to make this super accessible cocktail with some oomph (featuring our 57 % Seaside Strength) and great history!
  • Savoury Cocktails? - Yes Please!

    Savoury Cocktails? - Yes Please!
    Check out our ultimate cocktail guide for you to hone your cocktail making skills. Now we want to crank it up a notch! We have recently had a thing for brine-y, pickle-y, savoury things so why not in cocktails? For World Cocktail Day in May, we've developed and adjusted a few drinks for you if you want to try something slightly different. First up is a...
  • NEW SERIES: Founder's Favourites - Part 1: The Last Word

    NEW SERIES: Founder's Favourites - Part 1: The Last Word
    We think it's time for some more cocktail inspiration! Introducing the Last Word, quite a boozy and tangy but well-balanced drink steeped in history - more on the topic as always from the brilliant Difford's Guide. Chartreuse is a wonderfully herbal ingredient but it's quite an investment for just one cocktail so you can also buy their mini bottles (here  for example) if you...
  • Spring is Springing: Raspberry Clover Club

    Spring is Springing: Raspberry Clover Club
    Fancy a refreshing and fruity summer cocktail? Have you tried a Clover Club?  Raspberry season is coming - and in true BG fashion, we've adapted yet another classic cocktail to make it accessible and easy to replicate at home.
  • The Brighton 75

    The Brighton 75
    The French 75 is a classic gin cocktail dating back to just after WWI. It originally uses lemon juice and powdered sugar which we have exchanged for lime juice and sugar syrup. There are tons of amazing food & drink producers based in Sussex so this cocktail adaptation is a homage to all those.  Also, did you know that limes are a by-product...
  • World Martini Day - a round up

    World Martini Day - a round up
    World Martini Day is the third Saturday in June. It's certainly one of our favourites as it is one of THE classic cocktails that lets our gin shine. Martinis are a fab thing, they can be incredibly traditional (dry!) or collaborate with other spirits (a Vesper!) but luckily lots of people over the years have also come up with superb varieties. Below we'll...
  • Brighton's Mother Royale

    Brighton's Mother Royale
    A stunning Mother's Day treat - only needs our award-winning gin, honey and fruit juices. Get shaking!
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