Brighton Gin

People often ask: What is Brighton Gin made of?

Well, we only use certified 100% organic pure wheat spirit – super smooth, and without any of the nasties that can give you a sore and sorry head – which we re-distill with juniper, fresh orange and lime peel, locally-grown coriander seed (the first UK commercially grown coriander seed in over 200 years) and milk thistle, which is indigenous to the South Downs and renowned for its kindness to the liver function.
The botanicals in Brighton Gin 

Our distillation process also removes the gluten from Brighton Gin, and we’re also certified 100% vegan, which includes our wax bottle tops and the gum we use to stick our labels.
Vegan certified


Our top quality ingredients and attention to detail to make each bottle of Brighton Gin just perfect, and our hand-made small batch production make Brighton Gin a premium product. But we hope you agree that it’s well worth it.


We also found that drinking Brighton Gin neat with just ice and a twist of orange was a rather nice thing to do, and many of our drinkers just prefer to do that. But it works well with a splash of quality tonic, and we recommend a slice of orange to bring out the flavour of the citrus botanicals at their very best. We’ve also got some great cocktail ideas for you to try which perfectly suit the citrus and botanicals in Brighton Gin.
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