Brighton Gin was created through a love of gin, but also founded in the spirit of the values that Brighton holds dear and which make the city what it is: independent, fun-loving, open-minded and adventurous.

Our mission is to take The Spirit of Brighton to the world with a focus on sustainable and ethical production.

We wanted to create a premium product that could be enjoyed by gin enthusiasts and casual tipplers alike; a drink that’s refreshing, nods back to the history of gin but at the same time is thoroughly modern and forward-looking.

Handmade British Craft Gin

In that same spirit, we were determined to run our company in the same way. We don’t have industrial factory lines as all our gin is hand-made in small batches just as it was from the very first day it was created; we distil, fill, wax and label each bottle by hand to ensure it’s of the best quality; and we like to work with our customers – bars, outlets and drinkers – in the same personal way.

Brighton Gin is handmade craft British Gin

Fairly, Locally & Sustainably

We use fairly traded products, sourcing locally where possible, and using high-grade ingredients including organic wheat spirit as the base for our gin. Brighton Gin is certified vegan by the Vegan Society (and yes, that also includes our wax and the gum for our labels).

We reuse every bit of cardboard that arrives into our distillery as inserts for gin cases and packing of web orders. 

We deliver sustainably wherever we can with our gin bikes, and the residues from our distillation process are composted.

Our bottles are made in England from 80% recycled glass, and our distillation process uses a special water cooling system which means we can recycle water rather than pouring it down the drain.

The newest addition is our Refill Station which enables us to reduce our carbon footprint even further - and you can be a big part of it!

 Fairly traded, locally sourced, Recyclable


City & Community

As part of our commitment to the city which helped make Brighton Gin popular, we support community events such as beach cleans and local charities such as the Rainbow Trust, donating a proportion of proceeds from our specially designed Brighton Pride bottles. We have also introduced a way for good causes to contact us with requests for support from Brighton Gin.

Brighton Gin - supporting community & Brighton Pride


Talk to us

We hope you enjoy drinking Brighton Gin as much as we enjoy making it, and if we please you, do tell your friends. If you think we can do something better in the future, please let us know.

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