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World Martini Day - a round up

by Charly Thieme on 0 Comments

World Martini Day is the third Saturday in June. It's certainly one of our favourites as it is one of THE classic cocktails that lets our gin shine.

Martinis are a fab thing, they can be incredibly traditional (dry!) or collaborate with other spirits (a Vesper!) but luckily lots of people over the years have also come up with superb varieties. Below we'll show you a few of our favourites - and may I just say, inspiration as always from the most amazing gang at Difford's

I will show you my current favourite martini first because I really want you to make it at home. We do like a bit of apricot brandy here which is an interesting spirit/liqueur - fruity but not really sweet, and such a great addition to any cocktail. We've made a spin on the classic Webster Martini, and of course we are going to call it the

Brighton Webster


  • 60ml gin (both Pavilion and Seaside Strength work here)
  • 20ml dry white vermouth
  • 20ml apricot brandy
  • 15ml fresh lime juice (we use our "naked" limes leftover from the distillation)
  • 2 dashes of bitters (I've used Apricot & Juniper bitters by Regency Bitters)
  • a sprinkle of salt

How to Make

 Shake all ingredients with ice in a Boston Shaker. Strain into a chilled martini glass/coupe. I usually add an ice cube, too, because it makes me slow down my drinking ;-)


Next up we have a classic dry martini with our Seaside Strength and a dry vermouth such as Dolin. This is the most traditional one I'd say but there are about a hundred variations to it. Basically, "dry" in this case means as little vermouth as possible. Now, this could be anything from a vermouth wash (where you pour some vermouth into your martini glass, swirl, and get rid of the vermouth although I find that always quite wasteful) to about half of the vermouth in comparison to the gin. Very often, you'll also see people using orange bitters as they're just delish and really complement gins. A very simple ratio might be 60ml Seaside Strength, 10ml dry vermouth (perhaps you could try a Regal Rogue Daring Dry?), and a couple of dashes orange bitters, the result looks like this:

If you find that too strong you could also a Reverse Martini - more vermouth than gin essentially, but I quite like a 50:50 ratio with our friends from Albourne Estate. That's a semi dry vermouth and goes really well with our Pavilion Strength, look at this lush example:


Now you have seen a few varieties but make sure to check out the World Martini Day gang on Instagram and also look at ALL the martini recipes on Difford's Guide!

Happy World Martini Day!


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