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Brighton Mulled Gin

by Kathy Caton on 0 Comments

Prepare for a real winter warmer with all the good stuff chucked in! Our mulled gin is one of our favourite autumn and winter gin cocktails and is perfect for serving if you’re hosting in chilly weather - it’s quick and easy to prepare but tastes very impressive… if we do say so ourselves!

Brighton Gin's Mulled Gin recipe for Christmas drinks 


How to Make

Slice up the orange and then put all the ingredients into a saucepan on the hob to heat up slowly. OR make in the microwave, works as well! Uses a FRACTION of the electricity!

Don’t let the mixture boil but serve hot.



Serving Suggestion

We dried thin orange slices in the oven for 2-3 hours on the lowest heat your oven can go (about 80 degrees) and clipped them to the glass with tiny pegs which can be found here. Then you just pour the hot mixture into a glass (not a thin one or it might crack), and pop in a cinnamon stick! 


Dried Orange Decoration

This is nowhere near as daunting as it looks! We love using these for wintery decorations such as in our mulled gin as they really help to create the wow factor when serving. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your slices look like they’ve just come out of a magazine…

1. Slice them quite thin as this well help to dry them out quickly and they’re easier to attach to the glass

2. Make sure your slices are even so you don’t get parts burning whilst other parts aren’t dry

3. Before laying onto a baking tray, blot your slices with kitchen towel to help soak up some of the excess moisture

4. Because ovens can sometimes be annoying, regularly check on your oranges and pull out the ones that look ready (using gloves!)

Dried Orange Decoration


Available in 700ml & 350ml Bottles
Brighton Gin is available in regular 700ml bottles, as well as our handy 350ml midi bottle size, perfect for any number of cocktails. And for the perfect finish, why not serve our ginspiring cocktails in our Brighton Gin glasses!


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