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Announcing.... Brighton Gin's 2024 Limited Edition Pride bottle!

by Ali Bainbridge on

Brighton Gin is delighted to announce the 2024 edition of our Brighton Pride label design.

For the past nine years Brighton Gin has created a limited edition Pride bottle designed by a queer artist in support of local LGBTQ+ charities. 

This year the showcased designer is Sussex-based illustrator and film maker Ladypat, who is known for recklessly genre-hopping across technologies and disrupting expectations with his exciting 'Queerodivergent' arts career. He's made pop music videos, a giant fuzzy-felt pop art image for Fatboy Slim’s 60th birthday, and brings a fresh look to 2024’s Brighton Pride with his distinctive 'Queeros' branding. 

For Brighton Gin‘s 9th annual Pride bottle Ladypat has let rip with a unique and playful take on a Brighton icon - a glam-but-punk seagull.  

He explains: "The seagull is THE ultimate Brighton icon! Inexorably woven into our daily lives, taking up space and not easily ignored - let's all channel that good ol' gull NRG! 

"I'm proud to front both Brighton Pride Fabuloso and Brighton Gin Pride Bottle this year - some kind of queer miracle!"

Brighton Gin’s founder, Kathy Caton, said “We’re thrilled to be working with Ladypat on this year’s Pride bottle. We love the eye-catching and colourful design, created with Ladypat’s trademark wit and flair. As a company where our employees represent every letter of the LGBTQ+ acronym, we’re very proud to support our LGBTQ+ communities and to give something back to the city which is so much a part of Brighton Gin’s identity – and we’re delighted to be releasing this news in Pride Month”.  

The exclusive Limited Edition run will be capped off with a bespoke dark red wax top, rather than Brighton Gin’s signature ‘Brighton Seafront Blue’ wax.  A percentage of each bottle sold will go to the Clare Project, a trans, non-binary and intersex support charity in Sussex. 

Since its inception in 2012, Brighton Gin has supported many hundreds of charities, community groups and fundraisers across the city and beyond, and we work year-round to support their local community. 

Want to get your Limited Edition 2024 bottle as soon as it's available? You can pre-order here

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