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Pride 2020 Rainbow Fund Edition - Available Now

by Charly Thieme on

Multi-award winning craft distillery Brighton Gin has announced the release of its Pride 2020 Rainbow Fund bottle.  Working with the Brighton-based LGBTQ+ artist  Alej ez, the limited edition will be released for sale on Thursday 30th July, with an initial run of 250 bottles, individually signed and numbered by the artist, making each one a unique artwork. 


Every year since 2016, Brighton Gin has released a limited edition Pride bottle to not only celebrate Brighton Pride but also to support the work of The Rainbow Fund, the Brighton and Hove based grant-giving hub for local grassroots LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS organisations.  2020 is a landmark year for the global Pride movement, marking the 50th anniversary of the first Pride march and 30 years of Brighton Pride. 

Brighton Gin works with a different LGBTQ+ artist each year.  The Granada-born Alej ez, whose original training as an architect is reflected in the detail and the structures of his work, says, 

“My work reflects my intrinsic LGBTQ+ nature and interests.  The flag is our symbol and represents us.  I researched what is arguably the LGBTQ+ rights movement's most recognizable and unifying symbol - the original rainbow flag was designed by the gay rights activist Gilbert Baker in 1978 and lies in the London Design Museum.  I had a eureka moment, imagining this rainbow flag across Brighton skies reflected by the sea.  

The final image shows the victorian railings along the Brighton & Hove promenade with the inviting steps that take you down to the pebble beach and welcome you to the sea, where the iconic structure of the remains of the West Pier stands.  We may not be able to celebrate together this year but I am also inspired by the movement named 'Pride Inside’ - we are proud no matter what.” 

Through their Community Spirit initiative, Brighton Gin has supported hundreds of community organisations and charities across the city and beyond.  Kathy Caton, founder of Brighton Gin, said “with the Rainbow Fund having lost its major fundraising event through the necessary cancellation of Brighton Pride, we want to do all we can to support their work with grassroots community organisations doing such vital work in Brighton and beyond.  We may not be able to be together in person, but we can raise a glass to better times to come and raise funds at the same time”.  

Chris Gull, chair of the Rainbow Fund, says, “thank you so much Brighton Gin for raising funds, yet again,  with another beautiful limited edition Pride bottle. All the money raised will be distributed as grants to the local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects that we support. It's a tough year for all of them, trying to continue to support hundreds of LGBTQ+ people in Brighton & Hove between them who require their vital front line services". 

The Brighton Gin Pride 2020 Rainbow Fund Edition bottles can be bought directly from  Recognising what a challenging year it will be for raising funds, £5 from each bottle will be donated to the Rainbow Fund. 

ARTIST: Alejandro Martinez Rodriguez (AlejEz) 

Alej GuezAlej Ez artist

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